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yellow-white moss.whats wrong???

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i got some moss growing in a driftwood in a 55 gallon tank and i decide to move the driftwood to another the thing is that the lighting in the 55 was very low and i didnt notice the color of the moss(it was white-yellow)kind of has grown a lot.maybe thats the problem??i add iron and pottasium and the lighting is 3.5 wpg think it will recover or i have to replace it???thanks for any help.
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With that much light, you may need a little bit more nutrients of the other stuff, I find when dosing too much traces will turn brown, not a lot as mosses aren't too fussy on them. How is your temperature? As far as changing, they need time to adapt and constant change will kill them off.
i have a titanium heater.the temprature now is around 76-77.should i raise the temprature more?
as far as I know, moss doesn't grow well in higher heat like the 80s grows better in the 70s.
I would trim it back a bit to get some of the dead stuff off and it should recover by growing back new growth.
so you think that is dead?i already trim it so now ill wait and see.its better if i lower the temp at 72?
It should get new growth sooner or later, if there is only a strand or two alive it will regenerate. I would not lower the the temp to 72, mine does fine in 76-78 degree range.
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