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Thought I might share the setup I built inspired by a few threads here about DIY ADA stands.
The whole idea was to make this as affordable as possible, considering the negative cashflow my 75G tank has inflicted on my wallet lately;)
Well the stand is pretty much your average ADA lookalike as many others have so successfully achieved.
The interesting part is the light, which is a converted shoplight system.
Opted for a 70W HQI as my light source, hoping to be able to grow Glosso horizontally.
Here is the budget:

Stand material: Free kitchen plate, 25mm MDF from the local recycle station
Lamptubing: Free skew IKEA chair donated two legs, this as well from the local recycle station
Paint: 18$
1/2 shoplight with ballast and bulb: 59$
Drawer rail: 7$
Timer: 9$
Misc (screws, wood putty, etc) 50$
Lily pipes 10$ (plus additional 40$ shipping and handling:mad: )
CO2 glassware 2$ (plus additional 20$ shipping and handling.... )
Wiring for the lamp: 5$
6.5G tank: 53$
Pump: Got one free from my brother
Total of 273$

Not to bad I think considering the amount I would spend if I were to buy ADA stuff.(Not easy to come by in these parts of the world).Sorry there is no progression shots, the building of the stand and light fixture went pretty fast and documenting it wasn't in my head at the time.
Also the aquascape leaves much to be desired as of now. (actually there is no scape, just a few plants from my other tank).
The tank has only two days on it now, hoping to have a nice carpet of Glosso and HC in a while.
So what do you think, will I finally be able to to lay down the lawn or become a worldchampion algae grower?

Thanks everyone for a incredible site with lots of inspiration:)


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Thanks goalcreas, I'm really anxious to see if I'll be able to grow HC to a nice carpet in this tank.It has died in my 75G.
If only there were a fast forwarding button i could press to speed up the progress...

Thanks everyone for your comments.
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