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Hey guys... I'm a newb to this forum, but not forums in general. You may have seen me lurking around Fish Profiles a few months back under my AOL name and right now, I help moderate the forums. I came across this site by accident (through a banner ad) and was immediately struck by the level of expertise and experience here.

I've had at least one fish tank for the last 15 years, but a couple years ago, I was hired in at a large pet store (kinduva Mom & Pop atmosphere) and I really started learning about aquariums there. I was bit by the "planted tank bug" in the first few months of working at the store and have been working on my aquascaping and plant keeping skills for about a year now. My goal this year is to enter a few aquascaping contests, so I really want to get into the culture and this seems like the place to do it.

Feel free to message me through this site, on AOL, or MSN. I love chatting about aquariums, as well as just about anything else... looking forward to hearing from ya!

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