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Hey there. I've been lurking around here for a while and decided to finally join and post. I've been keeping plants for about a year, and just started trying to improve my scapes and plant variety. The journey from low light/low tech to high light/high tech is very exciting! I have 12 tanks all containing live plants, though only 4 are "planted" with substrate and such. My favorite fish are bettas and livebearers. I'm also a big fan of inverts. Here's a couple photos of my tanks:

20 gal long:
The plants need to grow in, lol!

a couple of the betta girls:

an olive nerite:

20 gal high low light:

black chin livebearers (Girardinus metallicus):

3/4 black guppy:

big momma guppy and a double tail fry:

Various betta tanks:

(tacky ornament just for cover lol)

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Glad you decided to unlurk & join us here at APC... Welcome aboard :cheer2:

I also have a soft spot for female Betta's & livebearers.
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