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Now i know we all have a fav. plant or plant type... but what about fish?? Through my years of fishkeeping, i have found that my person favorites would be the clown loach and the red tailed black shark. What about you? It could be one you have now, in the past, or the fish you have had your eye on a while but haven't had the space, time, or even money to invest in.

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Ember tetra (Hyphessobrycon amandae)
Pearl gourami
Rasbora heteromorpha
Rasbora maculata

In general I dislike fish but the behaviour of the fish listed above seem to not clash with the calm feeling that an aquascaped tank brings.


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Here are some of my favorites... depends on the aquascape, as always!:

Chocolate gourami
Blue Rams (M. ramirezi)
Cardinal Tetras (P. axelrodi)
Green Neons (P. simulans)
Rummynose Tetras (H. rhodostomus)
Red Phantom Tetras (M. sweglesi)
...hatchetfish, pencilfish

Ones I really want to try:

Altum Angelfish
Licorice gouramis (Parosphromenus sp)
Wild Betta sp


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Cardinals, but oh how I wish they could be better schoolers... Can you clickertrain a cardinal???

Pygme Cory's! They school great and they kinda pop in and out of the forest of plants :)

Apisto's. Great to have them breeding under a forest of green! I add a cocunout in between the plants so that you can't really see it. Works great!

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My favs
Red Wag Platies
Kuhli Loaches
Flying Foxes
Butterfly Pleco

I'm starting to like the cichlids - Rams, Angelfish and Kribs - oh I want a fish room, I'm running out of room for tanks :(
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