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your substrate opinion

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im currently using some eco complete.. tore down my whole setup and redoing it all, dont know if i should continue using the same substrate, or some different kind so i need YOUR opinion! :)

let me know what you think of ecocomplete, ada, florabase, etc. which one works best? thanks!
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A few questions for you so maybe you can get some better answers to your questions:

1) How big is your tank?

2) How much light do you use over the tank?

3) Do you plan on adding fertilizers?

4) What color do you prefer?

5) What is your budget for the substrate?

I have used Eco Complete and like it but it can be expensive for larger tanks.

Flora Base is similar to ADA's Amazonia but I don't believe it has any nutrients added to it like the ADA stuff...probably won't be an issue issue if you plan on adding fertilizers.

Basically, all substrates will do a good job, even the smaller sizes of gravel, if you adequately add fertilizers (including CO2) to the water column. You may get slightly better results by using ADA Amazonia or Eco Complete regularly. I really haven't noticed a difference between Eco and inert sand to be honest but I fertilize the water column daily so this probably makes a difference.

I think most people prefer the ADA Amazonia over most other substrates they have tried. I may give this a try in the future when I decide to break down my 75g if the budget allows ;)

In my opinion, proper lighting, carbon supplementation (CO2 or Excel/Gluteraldehyde) and fertilization make the plants much more happy than having one of the commercial substrates. Since you have the Eco Complete, why not reuse it and put the money you would spend on a different substrate towards plants, shrimp or fish?
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