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Hello, this is my first aquascape, and I would appreciate your feedback. Something seems off, so I've included a couple ideas. However, feel free to deviate from my points.
  • Top half seems too empty
    • More soil to raise the rocks?
    • Add more rocks?
  • The wood on the right side seems off
    • Too much wood or not placed well?
    • More rocks = wood will stand out less?
  • If part of the scape is worth keeping
    • I forgot to rinse the rocks and wood...can I glue them in place now and rinse the entire thing? I'm afraid I won't be able to place them back the same way again.
    • Do I crumple paper towel to soak in super glue, or can I glue rocks and wood together without a filler?
Please don't worry about hurting my feelings. I imagine there are many ways to improve as this is my first attempt. Thanks for your input!

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World Art Wood Rectangle Tree
Wood Art Trunk Rectangle Visual arts
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